This page contains terms that may apply to your design quote/invoice/agreement.

Refund Policy: All sales final. No refunds will be issued.

All photos, images, designs, illustrations, video, songs, sounds and/or text supplied by Elizabeth, to the best of her knowledge have been released for use by the designer, photographer, illustrator, musician, author etc.. of each item (unless otherwise acknowledged). That said, Elizabeth cannot guarantee that no rights have been infringed. If the client supplies any photos, images, designs, illustrations, video, songs, sounds, concepts and/or copy etc…, it is assumed that they have the right to do so. Elizabeth cannot be held responsible for any copyright or trademark violations, claims of defamation, property or personal infringement. Once the job has been completed and approved, Elizabeth is not responsible for any technical “bug” fixes, due to any circumstances, including user error, software glitches, changes in technology, viruses and/or hacking. Elizabeth is not liable in any way for damages or litigation that may arise. The client acknowledges that they assume all risk and/or responsibility.

File delivery/Website access: Final files will be delivered and/or site access will be granted when the balance is paid in full.

Types of design quote/invoice/agreements

Fee quotes/estimates

Depending on the project and/or client/designer agreement, a flat rate fee quote based on details given by the client can be provided or the work can be done on an hourly rate basis.

Hourly rate agreements

If the agreement is for work to be done on an hourly basis, no revisions will be included unless there is an additional hourly or flat rate charge.

Flat rate quotes

In order to provide clients with a flat rate quote, very specific details need to be provided by the client about what type of illustration, website, video and/or print project etc… you need, how much content you have, where the content is coming from and in what form. Complete details on your project need to provided before an accurate quote can be issued. Obviously with graphic design prices, the more complex and time consuming the project, the higher the quote will be, and very simple projects will be less expensive.


Based on information you provide and what your needs and budget are, a flat rate fee quote will contain details specific to your project such as the number of revisions and what type of revisions will be included in the quote. If further revisions are required, there will be an extra charge. If the quote doesn’t include information about revisions, it can be assumed that no revisions are included.

Website maintenance and backups

My website creation fees don’t include maintenance or backups. I can either teach my clients (for a fee) how to do their own maintenance or they can hire me to update the website software regularly or on occasion. WordPress websites require maintenance to keep them running smoothly and to protect against hackers and viruses. I don’t like to bother my clients by continuously reminding them that their website may need maintenance since it may not be in their budget to hire me to perform maintenance. Clients need to be aware of the need for updates and decide when and who will be doing the updates. Clients need to inform me when they would like to hire me to perform website maintenance. Clients need to also be aware that it is important for them to choose a hosting company who does regular backups and if backups are not part of the regular hosting fee, they will either need to pay the hosting company an extra fee to provide backups, do their own client backups or pay me to do backups when I perform updates. That said, again, I do not guarantee my backups, I am not a backup service. I often create backups when a job is completed or prior to an update but these backups cannot be the only backups and are not guaranteed.

I don’t guarantee backups for my clients and apparently neither do most of the hosting companies but the hosting company you choose should at least create regular backups. I’ve never had a site fail unless my clients forget to pay hosting or domain registrar fees. I sometimes download backups but this is strictly as a backup to the hosting company’s backups, I can’t guarantee the backups will work, there are so many variables such as changes in technology, hackers, viruses, user error, digital corruption etc…

Design project file backups

I normally keep backups of all files used to build projects for my clients (unless they are extremely large), but I cannot guarantee these backups, I am not a file backup service and there may be a charge for delivery of project files other than the agreed upon final design files. I retain the rights to all design project files unless previously agreed upon.

I know all of this may seem restrictive, but I just want to make sure my clients understand what they are paying for. Please understand I do my best to keep my clients happy with the designs that I create for them. If you have questions about what is included, please feel free to ask, I encourage my clients to ask as many questions as they need, I want both of us to enjoy working on design projects together now and hopefully in the future.

Website design projects privacy policies and terms of use pages

Due to the complexity of the laws regarding Privacy Policies and other Terms posted for your website users, Privacy Policies and Terms pages are not included in website design quotes. If you would like a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use page for your website, this can be provided for an extra charge though no guarantees of legal or functional accuracy can be provided. Privacy Polices and Terms of Use pages are required by law in some countries and for some types of websites, please familiarize yourself with the laws regarding your location and website type.