Mobile and SEO compatible CSS rollover website links. homepage design
At the beginning of 2012 I built the website for the Hollywood band called Bone of Contention. I worked with the band’s singer/songwriter, Chet Cline, on the design and animation concepts and I implemented the site and animation. Chet had a specific design in mind for the homepage animation and links, he provided me with photographs he had taken of a friend and wanted each to be assigned a particular link to the interior site which I did in WordPress, while the homepage was strictly HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

At the time in 2012, the only rollovers I had experience with were JavaScript rollovers, so that is how did them. Recently when working on I discovered a really nice CSS rollover technique that works great on mobile devices and touchscreens in general and is an SEO improvement as well. I adapted it to use it on the homepage and then further adapted it to use on the homepage.